Happy and Healthy Women’s Day

However advanced a society becomes; a woman still remains the cornerstone of the society.

A woman has proven that she can accomplish any task that has ever been created if she wants. And many women worldwide have proven this.

Being said that, it is unfortunate that women are still lagging behind when it comes to their own overall health.

Health organizations all around the world, including WHO have raised concerned every now and then about importance of women’s health. Despite improvements in medicine, technology and other advancements, the health factors always come out to be poorer for women. Even today more than half of the women in India are anemic. All around the world, many women are still in dearth on basic pre and post maternity facilities.

It is surprising to know that women are lacking in health even in urban areas. The most important factor for these still remain unawareness. What is surprising is that even urban educated women remain as unaware as others.

The modern living lifestyle has brought new diseases and health conditions which remain undiagnosed in women and are identified only in later stages. Women still suffer and compromise on their health either due to unawareness or prioritizing other tasks before health. Recent years have seen a rise in serious illnesses such as cancer in women, many of which are still diagnosed at a later stage.

Caring for self while also caring for others must remain the priority for every woman in every stage of life. Doctors including nutritionists, psychiatrists, gynecologists’ and oncologist have stressed enough on how important it is for woman to prioritize her physical as well as mental health.

To make health the focal point in her life a woman must create a checklist that she should pay adequate attention to regularly. The list must include at least the following checks:

Symptoms Of Endometrial Cancer

  • To get a health checkup once a year and must follow-up on any deviation.
  • Get cancer screening done as advised according to her age.
  • Consume nutritious diet and not go for so called fad-diets
  • Keep a regular exercise schedule and not compromise on it.
  • Keep the stress level in check. There is nothing wrong in consulting a specialist doctor
  • Spend time on self care and meditate daily
  • Must take enough amount of sleep and not trade it of for anything else

There are a lot of things that could be added to the list above as each woman leads a different life. The objective is that women must learn to prioritize themselves too.

The theme of woman’s day 2021 is women in leadership. Let us take the lead in prioritizing our health too.

Wishing Every Woman a Happy and Healthy Women’s Day!